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artistic practices in conflict places

Giacomo Bazzani

In 2003 he founds, an artistic project with which he cures and through which he makes interventions in important institutional places and international galleries. The group is born in direct connection to the tensions that the town of Prato was living due to the economic crisis and to the spread of prejudices and stereotypes towards citizens with a Chinese passport (10% of the population). To fear and identity locking up, practices, projects and forms of relation were opposed, which were new and based upon direct participation. To the idea of identity the idea of memberships was opposed, changeable, synchronic and diachronic; to the definition of boundaries it was preferred their crossing. From the experience developed in the town of Prato it was developed a method of analysis of the social tensions and of intervention which brought him to set up interventions in public spaces in several European cities (London, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin) and to introduce his work in important museums, galleries and public spaces (the Espai Cultural Caja of Madrid, the Pecci Musem of Prato, the Contemporary art museum of Villa Croce in Genoa, the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, the University ofFerrara, etc.). Some of his works have been published in catalogues and specialized art magazines.

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